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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 2 of Mysti-Madness...

My Tuesday started out nicely with an update on kickass panels, some smutty goodness from a long ignored story and coffee.  For some reason I wasn't thinking about all the stress I've been piling on for so long.  And then tonight it hit me.  The hormone factory has begun production and I won't be right until at least Friday.  And just FYI-- I am up to my eyeballs in hershey kiss roses!!!


An inhuman roar seemed to shake the stone walls, making Neesa scream, putting her hands over her ears.  She peeked out from behind the bed, desperate to see whatever was making that noise.  Her brown eyes went wide with disbelief when she saw him.  Lord Marek seemed to grow in size with the deafening roar.  In a blur of black smoke and shimmer, he leapt at Ioin, his skin bursting open to reveal an enormous black wolf.  She screamed when it bellowed again, landing atop her master and pinning him down with two heavy paws on his shoulders.  Its teeth were bared and she could see the glistening, hungry saliva dripping from the fangs as it growled threateningly at Ioin.  
“Neesa... do something...”  Ioin said calmly, staring into the face of the animal.  She moved slightly and the beast howled, making her drop to her belly again.  He thought he could use the distraction to scramble away, but the beast was cunning and grabbed him by the thigh as he tried to slide from beneath him.  Neesa screamed as she watched the wolf tore into his flesh, blood splattering in every direction and quickly turning the rug beneath them to red almost instantly.  Neesa watched the struggle helplessly, unsure of what was happening.  None of this could be real.  Where had that beast come from?  Would it devour Ioin only to come for her next?  She couldn’t help but think of how she could be free if Lescoux were dead.  Still, he was her master and she couldn’t stand by and watch helplessly as this abomination--- whatever it was-- tore him apart.  
“Help!” she shrieked over the din of growling and grunting of pain.  The grunt turned to screaming as the wolf grabbed Ioin by the shoulder, his teeth sinking in to the bone.  It began jerking its head back and forth, tearing the tendons apart with its teeth. 
“Help me, Neesa!” Ioin wailed, tearing his arm from the wolf’s grasp.  But it would not be deterred and went at him again with renewed vigor.  This time, Ioin was anticipating and grabbed the beast’s muzzle, turning it away from him with all the strength he could muster from the ruins of his wounded arm.  “Please... hurry!” he pleaded.
Neesa looked around for some kind of weapon, anything.  Finding none, she could only shriek again and run for the door.  Perhaps she could find some help.  As she jerked open the door, she saw Kali and Vasilia standing in the corridor, their faces awash with fear and confusion.
“What’s happening?” Kali hissed, grabbing at Neesa’s arm.
“Just run!” she shouted, shoving them down the corridor.  She looked back over her shoulder to see Ioin deliver a kick to the wolf’s flanks, sending it sprawling.  It was enough time for him to get to the door, holding his arm.  “You’ll pay for this, Marek!” he shouted, though the fear on his face was apparent.  
His threat was met with a final deafening roar of triumph that sent them all screaming down the stairs to where their carriage waited below.  


Amy said...

You, too, huh? Yay for the hormone factory! Feel better! And i can't wait to hear all about MystiCon. Take plenty of pictures!

Lexxx said...

Oh I will definitely be posting a lot of pictures. If only can remember to actually take them...