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Monday, January 31, 2011

So MystiCon.... who's with me?!

OK.. so my first official Con as an author is coming up at the end of February and I couldn't be more excited.  I got my schedule today and I'm just completely psyched for it.  I know I may sound like a complete and utter dumbass when I actually get on a panel, but at least that's entertaining for others.  Here's what I think--- I'll be needing a whole army of devotees.  So, I'm planning to bring a big bag of swag for those of you that come to bask in the glow of my magnificence.  LOL... did that sound convincing enough?  Yeah... I didn't think so.  But I am bringing the swag and I'd love to see anyone and everyone that comes by.

As for the work in progress--- I'm 50 pages from the end.  Thank heavens!  I think after this is done, I'll take a break and finish some of these short fic ideas that have been simmering in my head.  I just hope that after all this work, someone will actually want to buy the newest book. I would hate to think I wasted all this time.  But since I haven't posted in so long... I suppose its only fitting that I post a little for reading pleasure.  OH... and yeah.. if you have any feedback for me or just want to ask a question, I'm always open to emails at  or on my Facebook page.


The rush of coppery bittersweetness rushed into his mouth as his teeth scraped her skin.  He gasped, startled by his error.  He knew that it would take much more of his venom to infect her, but still he had to be cautious.  One taste of her blood would  make him want more.  His tongue flickered across the swollen flesh and allowed himself to gather the tiny pearl of blood that collected in the miniscule dimple at the point of her nipple.  Sascha groaned beneath him and he was sure that she hadn’t even felt the tiny pang.  He brushed her obsidian locks away from her neck and bent down, inhaling her scent where it was strongest, just under her ear.  “God, Sascha...” he growled.  “If only you could feel how much I need you.” His hands, once content to circle lightly over her middle, were beginning to stray to more exotic destinations, alighting on her thigh, just over her knee.  He watched her face for any signs of fear, but her eyes were closed and she had her lower lip poised between her teeth.  Meeting with no resistance, he became bolder, sliding his hand along her thigh and rubbing the inside gently.  He heard her sharp intake of breath, but she didn’t stop him.  With gentle pressure, he pushed her thigh to one side, opening her sex to him.  The untouched flesh with its silken curls prickled at the rush of cool air against it.  She made a soft whimper and he pulled back slightly.  “Relax, little one,” he soothed, his voice barely a whisper.  His hands avoided her sex purposefully, stroking along the edge of her hip and down each thigh.  He smiled, enjoying watching her reactions as his fingertips barely brushed the edge of her pubis.  He leaned down, his lips a whisper against her ear.  “Tell me to stop.”
“No,” she purred, nuzzling against his cheek.  “Don’t stop.”
He smiled again, taking her earlobe between his teeth and nibbling gently, careful this time not to nick the gossamer skin.  His breath against the cuff made her shiver visibly.  Raising his nose to the air, he inhaled deeply, taking in the musky scent of her arousal.  It made him hungry and for a fleeting  moment he was afraid that control would be fleeting.  Her fingertips reached out to him.  He could tell that she wanted to touch him and he allowed her, taking her tiny hand and pressing it to the strong curvature of his muscular chest.  Once there, she was keen to explore, if somewhat timid.  He tried to encourage her with a soft groan, watching her fingertips circle the small circular nipples.  She smiled as if pleased with herself and scraped the smooth edge of her nail across it.  He gasped and it was his turn to shiver.
“Did I do something wrong?” she asked, her eyes suddenly wide with apprehension.
“Not at all,” he reassured her.  “Merely made me shudder with my desire for you.”  He stroked her cheek with a featherlight tough, turning her face away so that he could weave a snaking path of kisses from her temple to the center of her breast.  
Just as he took the nipple into his mouth, sucking it deeply inside, his fingers finally strayed to her center.  Cautious and gentle, he brushed the back of his hand over the silken mound of flesh.  She mewed and made a movement to pull away, but Cianan wouldn’t let her, holding her close with a heavy hand on her hip and the other clamped firmly over her sex.  “Just lie still,” he commanded in a rasp.  Before she could protest, he began to move the heel of his palm in firm strokes.  She gasped, arching her body with an involuntary jerk.  He whispered another reassurance and she calmed.  He kissed her forehead before sitting up and crawling into the space between her thighs.  Cradling her ankle, he pulled each leg to rest on either side of his kneeling form.  From this vantage point he could see everything.  Every breathless sigh would be his to feast upon.


Author Dorian Wallace said...

Sounds like fun! If I can swing by and say hi I will doll. Miss ya :

Amy said...

I want pictures and/or video of you on panels. Heaven help them if someone acts like a jerk on a panel with you.

Sorry I couldn't make it this year, but I'll definitely be at ConCarolinas.:)

Lexxx said...

Wow.. with everything going on I totally missed the comments. Dorian-- I hope to see you. You know you can always gimme a call or text and I'm THERE! And Amy-- I forgive you, but you better come see me soon.

Amy said...

Oh, you'll be seeing me on March 5. Better be ready! :)