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Friday, December 17, 2010

Can someone out there tell me what Christmas is all about?!!

Well, Charlie Brown... I'll tell you--- its about vacation!  Today was the last day of school before Christmas holidays and I am just pleased as punch!  It has been so hard for me to find time to write since the school year has started-- which you may have noticed with the scant blog postings.  I just figured that my limited time would be better served by writing rather than blogging.  We all know how blogging can be a distraction from the matter at hand.  But over the next couple of weeks, it should be easier to do both.  And trust me... I need to write.  I'm sitting on 43K right now and not even close to being finished.  I've been writing the same sex scene for two weeks and its starting to get on my nerves.  Not to mention I have a short story that's been drilling into my brain for a couple of months now.  But I've promised myself that I won't start on it until this Beast thing is over with.  And once its over with, I think I'm going to delve into the world of short fiction for a while.  10K tops.  The problem is, I'm too verbose.  BUT-- I think I'll post some of that WIP down here.  But not before reminding you that Hellsong would make an EXCELLENT gift for all those people on your list getting Nooks and Kindles.  Here's where you can get it.  Everyone needs a little angel sex in their lives.  Especially at such a festive time of year!  Anyway... WIP....

“I won’t keep company with someone who would attack my mate.”
Mate.  The word hit Sascha like a pile of stones.  Her body went rigid in his arms and she pulled back instinctively.  “Your mate?” she croaked.
“Does it disturb you to know that is what you are?”
Her mouth worked wordlessly, unsure of what to say.   What could she say to that?  She could only shake her head in disbelief.  “Not exactly,” she said after a few moments.  “I’m just not sure what you mean.”
Cianan smiled, using his fingertips deftly to tie the final bandage.  “You’re my mate.  You’ve been marked since the day you were born.”
“But--” she stammered.  “You barely know me.”
“I know you much better than you think, little one.”  He was finished wrapping her ankle, but still held her calf in his hand, stroking the skin absently as he spoke.  “Remember those roses your father used to bring you?”
“Of course.”  She smiled at the memory. “Every week when he returned from the markets.  He never told me where they came from--”
“I gave you the first one myself.  You were nine days old.”
Sascha laughed.  “Forgive me, my Lord.  But that would be impossible.  You couldn’t have been more than ten years old yourself--”
“What did you say?”
“I was forty years old the Winter of your birth.”
“But that would make you at least sixty--”
“But--” Sascha stammered. “You don’t look a day over thirty.”
“I’m a werewolf, Sascha.  We---” He looked as if he searched for the right words to explain his condition upon the walls.  “We don’t age as others do.”
She stared at him a moment, her eyes wide with wonder.  “Will you live forever?”  Her voice was laced with awe.
“Perhaps,” he grinned.  “I haven’t lived forever yet.”
She went silent, taking in everything he’d said.  Could it be possible that he would be immortal?  To live forever without aging a day?  “Such a gift,” she said finally.  “To see the world change around you.  Knowing that the whole world is at your feet--”
“It is a curse,” he snapped.  He stood up quickly and she flinched, sure she had ignited his rage once again.  “Knowing each day that all that I love will eventually turn to ash and dust.  Watching their bodies wither and fade while I stay trapped in this unchanging skin.”  His jaw was set in a hard line and she could tell he was trying desperately to keep his temper.  “And though I know you’re my mate-- can feel it with every breath I take-- I already grieve for your fragility.  Our time is too short--”  He turned away from her, gazing out the window at the cliffs below.  “Too short.”
Sascha watched him move with a fascination she couldn’t explain.  He was so beautiful and strange.  His melancholy consumed him utterly, betraying his strength, but nonetheless alluring in his splendor.  When he turned his fiery eyes to hers again, she could see the longing he felt and knew that what he’d said was true.  She was his mate.  “You mustn’t dwell on that which cannot be changed, my Lord.  Your very existence is proof of magic in this world--”
Cianan laughed darkly.  “You are so very much like Bella.  Even under the deepest cloak of darkness, she could see the light.”  He smiled again.  “Her soul shines so brightly within you.  I’ve always felt it.”
“You can feel me?” Sascha asked, desperate to understand.
“Of course.  When I close my eyes and quiet my thoughts-- I can feel your heart beating.  Hear your breath.  Smell your scent.  It’s how I found you in the forest.”
She rose as he spoke, limping slightly to close the space between them.  “How?”
“I wish I knew,” he whispered.  “But never doubt it.”  He turned to face her when he felt her cool hand upon his shoulder.  “Our souls are entwined, Sascha.  And no matter how long you live, or how many lives you traverse--”  His words weakened her and she stumbled on her wounded ankle, but he caught her easily, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her body against his.  “I will always find you.”  Tangling his hand in the mussed curls at the back of her head, he tipped her mouth upwards to meet his in an insistent kiss.  At first she tried to pull away, not knowing how to react, but he held her fast, not letting her escape.  And when he teased her mouth open with his tongue and delved inside, she found that escape was the farthest thing from her mind.  She let him in eagerly, instinct taking over and letting their tongues play together in a sensual dance that left her panting his name.  “You are my mate,” he growled, licking his lips.
“Yes,” she sighed, dizzy with his closeness and intoxicated by his taste that still lingered on her tongue.  He loosened his hold on her a little and she stepped backward to clear her head.  She quickly discovered the extent of her injury as a shooting pain shot from her ankle all the way to her thigh when she put her weight down.  She gasped through clenched teeth and nearly went down on her knees.  He caught her just in time, gathering her into his arms and lifting her off her feet.  “Your mate,” she sighed, her head swimming as he turned.
He made almost a purring sound deep in his throat as he crossed the room in two strides.  He lay her down gently across his bed, their eyes locked on one another.  Sascha remembered the words she’d read in Bella’s journal and waves of trepidation and excitement began to rise in the pit of her belly.  After all this time of wondering about her purpose in this place, now that everything was clear-- she was uncertain all over again.  She visibly shivered as he looked down on her with those warm honeyed eyes.