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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From the depths...

... out she crawls into the sun.  I wish I could say that the last two weeks had been more productive-- but they really  haven't.  I've been making progress on the WIP slowly but surely.  It's coming along.  Of course I wish I could hurry and finish.  I have another muse bending my ear and I keep telling him to shut it because I really should finish one thing before I start another.  But I can't help thinking about it.  Its something short, from the dark corners of my mind.  And its still cooking.  Maybe by December I'll be able to devote some brain space to it.

BTW... It's a really good thing I'm not participating in NaNoWriMo this year.  A lot of my peers are and I really don't mean to be discouraging about it.  Anything that shakes loose the cobwebs is a good thing, I feel.  Of course, I'm from the camp that says "Nobody can write a great novel in a month."  But maybe that's just my own opinion of myself.  I've been working on the current WIP since June and still have 13K to go.  At least.  So I'm not exactly the poster child for pounding out projects at lightning speed.  Maybe if I didn't have to devote much of my brain to teaching full time, I could do myself justice.  And I refuse to feel guilty for coming home after working at least 9 hours at a mentally demanding job and indulging in my SL habit to only crank out maybe 500 words.  I do try to make up for it on Thursday nights and over the weekend.  And I've taken to writing during the kids' lunchtime.  Ever try to write smut while opening someone's ketchup?  Not easy.

Anyway, I'll stop whining now.  Except for one thing--- GO OUT AND BUY A COPY OF HELLSONG...LOL.