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Friday, October 8, 2010

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...

That's right, faithful readers--- tomorrow is the release date for Hellsong.  I'm just giddy with worry, excitement and anticipation.  I just want to know what other people think of it.  But then again, I'm scared of that too.  But seriously, I hope that everyone who buys a copy will enjoy it.  If I can bring a moment's pleasure to one person's life, I feel I've done my job.  That being said... here's today's excerpt------------>


As anyone who lives there will tell you, New Orleans’s history can be divided into two 
parts—before the storm and after.  Since the storm, the entire atmosphere had changed.  It had 
been so alive, once upon a time.  A mystical land of Mardi Gras and magic beads.  Creole flavor 
and the underlying sense of mystery were all a thing of the past.  Before the storm, the hurricane 
was just a drink.  Its fruity sweetness spoiled with the taste of despair and ruin.  Once the spirit of 
a place had been lost, it was very difficult to retrieve it.  What used to be a passing friendliness 
with the dead had become near obsession.  Cemeteries were crowded, overflowing with mourn- 
ers of loved ones gone too soon.  Churches were more active than ever.  If Saraqael had chosen 
someplace else, perhaps his human bones wouldn’t be so exhausted.  But New Orleans had a de- 
cided advantage for him.   The veil was very thin here.  If one looked closely, he could almost 
see the wandering spirits, passing from all points in the ethereal plane.  

Saraqael was the last of his kind.  The Grigori were outcasts from Heaven and he was the 
only one to survive his position.  All of the others had become too in love with the idea of the hu- 
man condition.  Perhaps the only reason he had lasted this long was that he saw the human con- 
dition far too clearly.  It was true that they had a great capacity for love and compassion.  In fact, 
there were those who said the human race rivaled the angels in their ability to empathize.  But 
where there is love, so is there hate.  And that senseless loathing of one another that manifested 
itself in murder, rape, violence. That was why he had never succumbed to their charms.  Like the 
others before him, he had often longed for the companionship of another, but as the years passed, 
he knew that no human would ever be a suitable companion for the likes of him.  He would make 
himself content to watch over them, protect them like children, but never touch them.  

The blood of the demon he’d slain still stained his fingernails and he put his hands behind 
his back as he walked down the darkened street.  He didn’t want to be reminded of his earlier 
deed.  He kept his head down as he walked, trying not to make eye contact with anyone he met. 
He didn’t want to know what they were thinking.  


PS-- Don't forget-- release party at Flanagan's Pub in Second Life on Monday, Oct. 18th, 9-11 EST.  Shoot me a message in FB if you want to attend but have no idea how to get an avatar.


Tammy Curry said...

I still need to pick out a costume! I am thinking in light of the upcoming holiday I might just let my demonic side out.