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Friday, October 1, 2010

One week, one day...

Yes, children.  One week and one day til the release of Hellsong!  I'm so excited I'm just about to burst.  I've been so high strung lately that my family insisted that I go on a weekend excursion to the beach.  They had to twist my arm, but eventually I gave in.  So I won't be posting again until Sunday.  BUT... knowing how faithful and demanding some of you are (and you know who you are)... I will give you a slow juicy tease.  C'mon... you know you want it...

“Dantalion.”  A voice from behind broke his reverie.  He turned to see a thin man in a three-piece suit staring at him.  He wasn't as tall as Dantalion, but most were not.  His hair was cut closely and, to a human, he must have looked like an accountant or dentist.  Only the crimson streaks that flashed in the irises of his eyes would give him away.  He flashed Dantalion a glimpse of his fiery wings as he approached.  
“Haures.  It’s been long since last we met.”
“That it has,” he replied, falling into step with Tal.  “What brings you here to the gates of Hell?”
“I'm just passing through.  It's not really safe for us to open a portal on the street, given the current climate.”
Haures smiled wickedly.  “Wars rage in the Outer Worlds.  It's bound to overlap. Though I've heard that you've been quite busy here in the land of the living.”
“Oh, really?”
“Of course.  This place is always awash with gossip.  Word has it that Lucifer is quite pleased with your talents.  Sees you as some sort of secret weapon.  Even despite your previous failures…”
Tal smirked, shaking his head.  “Perhaps you know more than I do, old friend.  You know Lucifer, he never tells one more than they need to know in the moment.”  The truth was, his purpose mattered little anymore.  He had been given a task and he would fulfill it.  Rumor had it that this girl was the final piece of the puzzle for Lucifer's little war.  Tal rolled his eyes, thinking of it.  It would rage forever and no one would ever be satisfied.   What were they fighting for anyway?  This cesspool of disease and hate?  No, thank you.  His only stake in that fight was revenge.  He would like nothing more than to see the crystalline spires of Heaven come crashing into the ocean, devoured by the flames of Hell. To be able to stand over a dying Heavenly Father and say, “I told you so.”
The two demons strolled through the doors at the end of the corridor and into the darkness of the nightclub. Tal winced again, the loud music hurting him.  Sometimes he hated this weakened human form.  Everything on Earth was too loud, too bright—too much—and his heightened senses couldn't take it.  Haures laughed at his friend.  “You really must learn to control your discomfort,” he shouted.  “If the Powers ever figure out our weaknesses down here…”
“I know.  They'll be after us with flashlights and speakers.”
“Among other things.”  Haures clapped him on the shoulder and led him through the dance floor.  The crowd seemed to boil, moving as one mass in their dance.  As they moved through them, the human women seemed to smell their scent and their thoughts were so loud that Tal laughed at their absurdity.  “What's so funny?”
“These women.  It's like they can smell us.”
“Ah yes... so many souls, so little time,” Haures purred, letting his fingertips drift across the shoulder of a petite blonde.  “You should stay a while and indulge yourself.”  Roughly, he grabbed the girl and pressed her body to his.  Instantly, she had a look of ecstasy and crumpled against the demon.  Haures  tasted her skin.  “This one is so ripe to give her soul, it’s almost too easy.”  He purred again and kissed at her throat.  “Can't you hear her thoughts?”
“Of course, but no, thank you.  It seems I have my own soul to steal.”  Tal turned, pushing the crowd out of his path as he made his way to the back.  Just as he reached the doors, he felt a hand on his shoulder.  He turned to see Haures pushing him into the small room and closing the door behind them.  
“Be very careful, my friend.  He knows you're here.”
“What are you talking about?”
“The Grigori.  He didn't get to be the last one here because he was stupid.  Lucifer has been trying to get at Saraqael for hundreds of thousands of years.  He chose you because you're the best, but if you screw up this time, you'll be down in the pits shoveling the lower devils' excrement with the rest of the damned.”


Tammy said...

So like you to let such a tantalizing piece escape and come out of hiding into plain sight. Then dash off before one could give you a proper thank you.

Great job sweets...I can't wait to read the whole thing.