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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I See You Shiver with Antici----

PATION!  Hehe... Hey there folks.  Its Wednesday, Oct. 6th-- 3 days before the release of my first novel Hellsong (yeah, like you didn't know).  And boy, am I excited.  Publishing a novel is something I've always wanted to do and it really is like a childhood dream fulfilled.  Thanks to everyone who has made it possible.  And I won't bother naming names... I'm sure you know who you are.  But I'm so grateful to have such supportive family, friends and colleagues.

That being said-- if any of you faithful readers out there has a Second Life avatar, I will be reading portions of my book at Flanagan's Pub on Monday, October 18th from 9-11 EST (that's 6- 8 SLT).  In addition to readings, we'll be chatting, flirting and listening to my playlist while we dance our virtual asses off.  There's also going to be a costume contest with 1,000 Ls (that's lindens if you aren't a nerd) for the Best in Angel and Demon.  If you don't have an av, then go get one silly-- that's why I put the link up there.  If you do decide to seek us out-- I'm Scarlett Thirdborn-- just shoot me an IM when you get in world.

And without further ado--- here's today's teaser----------------------->


Voices.  They were everywhere at once.  Deafening pleas and prayers from every corner 
of the universe.  It was as if he had an antenna on the top of his head that tuned him in to every radio station with perfect clarity every second of every day.  Sometimes he covered his ears, trying to block it out, but it never stopped.  They echoed in his sleep, softly at first and then screaming until he had no choice but to answer.  He'd always thought that one day he would get used to it, but in all his long years, it had never waned.  Through drink or drugs, he could quiet his mind enough to rest, but they were never silent.  He supposed that it was a fitting punishment for those of his persuasion.  
Saraqael lay in his bed, his head aching with the constant noise.  Most nights it was easier 
to block them out, but tonight was different.  Since the war had begun, the suffering on this 
world was great and he could hear all of it.  The gift of empathy was a curse and there were days he wished he could give it back.  “Shut up...” he sighed, crossing his arms over his face.  He knew that he wouldn't get any peace tonight so he may as well get up and get it over with.  


Amy said...

I'm so very excited! Am I mentioned in the acknowledgments? And Michael said he's waiting for his advanced copy so he can record the audio version. :) I have my Nook ready for download.

Lexxx said...

Actually... I don't think I wrote any acknowledgements. But of course you are most acknowledged!! Yeah... Michael so doesn't get an advanced copy so he can read it