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Monday, September 20, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

Hey folks!  Well the edits are done on Hellsong and its off to the proofer today (thanks Brie!  You're the best!).  So come October 9th, you'll get to see the fruits of my labor.  I'm really excited about it coming out, but of course I'm very apprehensive about the sales.  Its really hard when you realize that something you've put so much of yourself into might not be everyone's cup of tea.  You find yourself wanting to shake that person and say "what's wrong with you, ya ignorant hippie!"  but you don't.  At least, I don't.

So now comes the fun of promoting the book.  And what on Earth does that mean?  No one seems to know, really.  So I'm just kind of making shit up as I go along.  As I do with most aspects of my life.  Coming soon I'll be hosting an in-world party on Second Life to promote the book.  It promises to be a night of debauchery, Goth music and sneak peeks of the book.  Those of you that have those second lives will know what a barrel of laughs parties can be.  That date will be announced on here and facebook as soon as its final.  So on the digital front, I've got it covered.  Now for the RL stuff.  I mean, its not like you can go into a bookstore and say "Hey!  Here's my book! Throw it on your shelves and let me do a signing!"  Because until sometime in the future, there is no real book.  Its an eBook.  And don't you dare roll your eyes at me!  eBooks are REAL books, they just take up less space.  Ask the Nook and Kindle people if they're real books, they'll tell ya.

But I digress--- what on Earth do you say to people about an eBook?

I'm also, because of the SL reading/dance party, finding out all the joys of using Audacity.  I've tried recording a segment of the book twice now and both times you can hear the dulcet tones of my mini-doxie shrieking and barking in the background.  Not to mention my horrible southern accent and nasal sounding voice.  So come to the reading if for no other reason than to laugh at my voice.

Guess I should get some writing done.


Tammy Curry said...

I can't wait to hear your voice so stop sniveling about that. RL marketing for an eBook is all about social media sweet heart. *hint hint* What I do for a living. You will have my full, sober attention this weekend and we will work out a plan.

Love you!

Lexxx said...

Aaaahhh.. but you're so much fun I can't wait to discuss further details, you genius you.