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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting Back on the Horse

Well, faithful few, I'm trying to get back on the writing horse.  For the last few weeks I've been totally devoted to finishing up Hellsong, but now its time to start moving on.  I've decided just to hold off on the longer piece for a few days, just to give it time to rest.  Once again, I've done what I always do-- take a nice simple story and give it a plot with a massive head and tentacles.  It started as Beauty and the Beast and its slowly becoming, Beauty and the Beast and Werewolves Descending Down the Spiraling Staircase to the Deepest Pits of Hell..... with sex. I'm considering rewriting the last several pages and simplifying it more.  But I'm undecided, so I've decided to work on a couple of shorter pieces.  Next month I'm going to go researching/ investigating a little for the next big novel, so we'll see what happens.  I think maybe I've just been so muddled that I'm feeling overwhelmed.  I know I'm not the only writer that feels that way, but I just feel like I'm doing something wrong.  Like I should be more focused.

But I'll keep you posted on the progress of such things.

Have some music to make you happy----Stranger in a Strange Land-- 30 Seconds to Mars


Amy said...

Yeah, it's best to set it aside and let it simmer. Before you know it, you'll have a better idea of the story.:)