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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

11 Days and Counting...

Until the release of Hellsong.  And since I have nothing better to discuss tonight... how's about another excerpt, hmmm??  Yeah... I thought you'd be game....


The first thing I noticed was the smell.  Something like dead flowers and decayed earth just under the coppery smell of the blood, which was everywhere.  It dripped from the walls and ran in pools across the floor until I could see the canvas of my old sneakers soaking it up.  I gasped, unable to find my voice, but when the glass of gin in my hand dropped to the floor, it made a loud noise.  The woman’s head whipped around from where she crouched on the bed.  Her eyes glowed this impossible yellow color as she glared at me, but she did not speak.  Her skin looked leathery and taut under the thick veil of Jackson’s blood.  I started to move toward her, wanting to throw her off of my friend even though I was more scared than a man staring at Death himself.  


I know... not quite enough I suppose.  But as they always said on Reading Rainbow--- don't take my word for it, you have to read the book!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hellsong Excerpt

Hello faithful readers!  Its a little less than two weeks before the release of Hellsong and I am so excited!!  I feel like there should be more stuff that I'm doing, but I realize that there isn't a whole lot more that I can.  You'll either love it or hate it... but lemme tell you--- YOU WILL LOVE IT!!  And I'm not only saying that because I wrote it.  Trust me... I've never been a fan of romance novels.  But this one really is unique-- there's romance, yes.. but there's also lots of action and plot and great characters.  True love-- miracles!  ** full points to you Princess Bride fans out there** It will be released on Oct. 9th on the Sugar and Spice website (follow the lit up link) and, I believe, at Amazon.  We'll also be having a launch party where there'll be music, virtual dancing, a costume contest and readings on October 18th at Flanagan's Pub in Second Life.  I'll be posting the links to that as well.  Slip on your sexiest avatar and come join us.

All that being said, I thought that I'd count down the days until the release by putting little excerpts here on the blog that will hopefully make you hungry for more.  Seriously though, I really hope that everyone will enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.  I also hope that you all will be inclined to come back to the blog and post your thoughts about the book-- for good or ill.  I'd love to hear them.  You can also come and ask me incessant questions on my Facebook page or just come to Second Life and find Scarlett Thirdborn.  That's me.

Anyway, without further ado--- a bit of Hellsong...


Let it be known from this day forward that I, Jerome Alfonse Tibideaux, am a murderer.  I would like to be clear outright with no misconceptions that I am anything but.  I am writing this journal in confession, not to cleanse my own mind, but in case it must be explained some time in the distant future.  I have made my peace that I am imperfect.  I can only hope that a sin of mercy can be overlooked by the Heavenly Father on the day of judgement.   
Though my heritage may imply otherwise, I have never been a spiritual man.  I have seen many things in my near thirty years on this Earth, but I have never seen anything to suggest that there are ghosts, goblins, witches or loas.  I do not embrace the superstitions of my African grandmere.  You will not find brick dust at my door or a mojo hand under my shirt.  I’ve always had a little of what my grandmere called “the gift,” which I suppose was her way of saying I could see visions of the future. Until tonight, I thought that demons were just a thing used to scare folks into churchin’ up and going to confession.  That was until I watched my friend Jackson torn to bits by one.  And she was as real as the rosary beads I have clutched in my hand.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting Back on the Horse

Well, faithful few, I'm trying to get back on the writing horse.  For the last few weeks I've been totally devoted to finishing up Hellsong, but now its time to start moving on.  I've decided just to hold off on the longer piece for a few days, just to give it time to rest.  Once again, I've done what I always do-- take a nice simple story and give it a plot with a massive head and tentacles.  It started as Beauty and the Beast and its slowly becoming, Beauty and the Beast and Werewolves Descending Down the Spiraling Staircase to the Deepest Pits of Hell..... with sex. I'm considering rewriting the last several pages and simplifying it more.  But I'm undecided, so I've decided to work on a couple of shorter pieces.  Next month I'm going to go researching/ investigating a little for the next big novel, so we'll see what happens.  I think maybe I've just been so muddled that I'm feeling overwhelmed.  I know I'm not the only writer that feels that way, but I just feel like I'm doing something wrong.  Like I should be more focused.

But I'll keep you posted on the progress of such things.

Have some music to make you happy----Stranger in a Strange Land-- 30 Seconds to Mars

Monday, September 20, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

Hey folks!  Well the edits are done on Hellsong and its off to the proofer today (thanks Brie!  You're the best!).  So come October 9th, you'll get to see the fruits of my labor.  I'm really excited about it coming out, but of course I'm very apprehensive about the sales.  Its really hard when you realize that something you've put so much of yourself into might not be everyone's cup of tea.  You find yourself wanting to shake that person and say "what's wrong with you, ya ignorant hippie!"  but you don't.  At least, I don't.

So now comes the fun of promoting the book.  And what on Earth does that mean?  No one seems to know, really.  So I'm just kind of making shit up as I go along.  As I do with most aspects of my life.  Coming soon I'll be hosting an in-world party on Second Life to promote the book.  It promises to be a night of debauchery, Goth music and sneak peeks of the book.  Those of you that have those second lives will know what a barrel of laughs parties can be.  That date will be announced on here and facebook as soon as its final.  So on the digital front, I've got it covered.  Now for the RL stuff.  I mean, its not like you can go into a bookstore and say "Hey!  Here's my book! Throw it on your shelves and let me do a signing!"  Because until sometime in the future, there is no real book.  Its an eBook.  And don't you dare roll your eyes at me!  eBooks are REAL books, they just take up less space.  Ask the Nook and Kindle people if they're real books, they'll tell ya.

But I digress--- what on Earth do you say to people about an eBook?

I'm also, because of the SL reading/dance party, finding out all the joys of using Audacity.  I've tried recording a segment of the book twice now and both times you can hear the dulcet tones of my mini-doxie shrieking and barking in the background.  Not to mention my horrible southern accent and nasal sounding voice.  So come to the reading if for no other reason than to laugh at my voice.

Guess I should get some writing done.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

D-O-N-E!!!... and a video!

Finally done with the Hellsong edits.  At least, i hope I'm done.  Unless my lovely and knowledgeable editor finds some sort of epic FAIL within the pages of the 2nd draft.  Which is possible.  I really hope that all is well and that I can move on to new and different projects.  I love my angel story, but I'm needing to get my head into something else.  Whatcha think?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Uberbyte - Money Shot (Audio Only)

Wow... like the dirtiest song I've ever heard. i LOVE it!!!


OMG... i am totally in Hell. And sadly there's no handsome angel around to save me from this particular circle.  Those of you reading this that are writers can appreciate the doom known only as "editing hell."  I have been deep in it for the last two weeks and at this point I can truthfully say--- who cares anymore??!!!  I have spent every day at lunch across from my 7 year olds trying to reword and avoid head-hopping.  I'm probably the only writer on Earth that can edit a hot scene while opening someone else's ketchup.  And I've kind of decided not to tell the whole world-- well-- the work world anyway-- about my creative endeavors. I'm not sure why.  I just feel like that guidance counselor from 10 Things I Hate About You.

Anyway, as for other news-- the book is out on October 9th.  And I'm thinking about promotional stuff.  I'm pretty sure that I'm going to do an online thingie on Second Life and I'll keep you posted when the date on that is finalized.  I was also approached by the manager at the local Starbucks about doing a signing thing there.  But I'm completely lost with all that.  I have no idea really what to do. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

OK... the devil is calling.  Back to shovel with the other denizens....