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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Greetings party people!  Its been a couple of days laced with insomnia, micronaps and incessant writing, but I think I'm ready to be among the living again.  This morning I got up after a hearty 6.5 hours of sleep, had breakfast and exercised.  I've also been to the grocery store for supplies to make a lemon pie in reverence of my mother.  My mom died two years ago tomorrow and so instead of being all mopey and sad, we've decided to have a classic "Mom dinner" and be together.  Its definitely something my mother would have wanted, seeing as how she was never happiest as when all her "chicks" were in the same roost.  But you know, I hadn't thought until just this minute-- maybe Mom's death anniversary is what has caused all this insomnia and obsessive writing.  Staying in my own little world to not think about things that might be a little painful still.  Hmm.. how's that for dimestore psychology?

As for the WIP, I've written and deleted lots of things.  I think I just really need to not think so hard about things and let the story fall into place the way it will.  I know where its going, I know what's going to happen-- its just hard to get there.  I feel like I'm running out of words.  The good news is, hopefully on Thursday I'll get to go out with two of my favorite chicas (the other favorite chica is unfortunately trapped 2.5 hours away) and I'm sure they'll help me get going.

So how's everyone else's writing projects?  I like to hear other people's woes.  Come-- we commiserate together.

And just in case you need it---  dance like a fool and get out that stress.