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Friday, July 23, 2010


OK, folks.  After having a conversation with my most excellent publisher last night, I've decided to do a little experiment.  I've never been able to write short fiction very much, so I've decided to try it.  15K tops with as little plot as possible.  Think I can do it?? Hmmm.. I'm not sure.  Now, don't worry.  I haven't abandoned the Beast.  He's still there lurking, but I had to strike while this iron is hot.  Anyway... I've put the first section below if you'd like to read and give me your opinion.

Title:  Wreath of Barbs
Author:  Alexandra Christian
Scarlett clutched the piece of paper tightly in her hand as she walked down the rain-soaked streets.  She wasn’t sure why she was doing this.  Nothing else had helped so what made her think that going to some club was going to work?  The wind blew, sprinkling her face with cold rain and uncertainty as she tried to make out the address from the smeared ink.  This had to be it, but there seemed to be no place to go.  She turned down the alley, her heart beating faster.  This was how people got themselves murdered, she thought.  Maybe that’s what Dr. Reznik had meant for her to do.  After all, she’d said she wanted to die.
The sound of her heavy chunked heel beat like an arrhythmia as she continued down the alley.  A homeless woman looked up at her as she passed, offering up a hat for spare change.  Scarlett kept her eyes forward, praying that nothing would notice her.  Finally the beat of her steps turned into the heavy downbeat of music coming from someplace close by.  A single, small light glimmered in the distance and she realized that she must be going the right direction.  As she got closer, she could make out a couple of people standing outside a small door.  She ducked into the shadows, not sure if she wanted to be seen just yet.  The people going inside, dressed all in shades of black and red, never looked up, seemingly too interested in the haze and smoke coming from inside.  “This is it,” she thought.  “I either have to turn back now or get past the point of no return.”  
No return.  Those were his exact words when she’d told Dr. Reznik her plan weeks ago. 



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