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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Long Hand vs. Computer Typing

So the Ghost Hunter and I were having a conversation earlier this evening about typing vs. handwritten and transcription.  I kind of straddle the fence on this.  Sometimes I can just sit down in front of the computer and go for days and days.  Something about the sound of my fingers clicking over the keys faster and faster can sometimes urge me to keep going.  Other times its just so damn intimidating.  There are so many pretty distractions, yes, but sometimes just the thought of seeing that big white page is scary.  In those cases, I've found that sitting down with my notebook can be more effective.  Sometimes I can even get more words out there faster that way.  Any thoughts??  What's the best method for you?


Aubrey Caldwell said...

I agree...the computer is great when inspiration is flowing...otherwise a notebook offers the opportunity for experimentation. Sometimes the tangibility of the notebook gives a welcome sense of dimension. On a different note, I found to be an intriguing brainstorm option. Try it.