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Monday, July 5, 2010

Kickin' Out the Jams!

OK... I am never one to brag, honest. I try to be a humble and kind person at all times. However, I must say-- I wrote 3,000 words in 3 hours yesterday. I was so proud of me! I've really gotten going on this Beauty and the Beast thing. That being said-- I really wish I could think of a title for this thing. I don't want to call it Beauty and the Beast, the No Holds Barred edition, but its starting to look like my only option. Any suggestions? I'll be glad to entertain them.

In Hellsong news, I was told earlier this past weekend that it is scheduled for release in October. Woohooo! Always a lucky month for me. I met my husband in October and despite all reports-- that was lucky.

Alright, I promise I'll blog more later. Right now I just don't have that much to say. Its early, what can I say. And I have to get to work on the Beast. I left them right in the middle of a tawdry scene. Can't just leave them like that----


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