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Thursday, July 15, 2010


OK... The discussion has come up lately about dialogue.  How much is too much?  Can you ever have too much?  Well... everyone knows that I am a dialogue whore.  As a reader, I don't want to read 3 pages of dense description with no breaks.  Others that I've spoken to have mentioned that when they read, they actually skip some of the description to get to the talking.  I can't stand when I read something and the author is afraid to let the characters speak.  Cuz let's face it folks-- we spend most of our lives talking.  Don't believe me?  Look down at your phone with unlimited text, social networks, crackberries, games with chat ability, etc.  HUMANS TALK!!  That's not to say that your book/story/whatever should look like a screenplay. The author, as an artist, has to make choices of where to put that dialogue and how much is necessary.  He or she must also take advantage of that opportunity to give insight into what the character(s) are thinking as they conversation is going on and give adequate description therein.  But the idea that cutting dialogue is creatively sound is ludicrous.  Because the brain is such a wondrous weapon, we have no idea what people are thinking.  We find out through discourse, analysis of body language and tone of voice.  All these things can only be described through using dialogue in our writing.

Anywho, didn't mean to get on my soapbox.


draickinphoenix said...

Hear, hear!!!

I'm SO with you on this one. As a writer, I'm all talk, but through my dialogue I can carry on a pretty good plot. I'm not afraid to let my people be as loud and annoying as I am.