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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wolfy Goodness

ok.. since I don't really have anything interesting to say.. i'll just give a little WIP to make you hungry for

The Changing began as it always did-- painfully. For nearly twenty years he’d been this beast and it hadn’t gotten any easier, though he could change at will. With an inhuman growl, it began. Marek could feel his skin boil and split, black fur seeming to grow out of ever-widening gashes. His back arched painfully, forcing him to his knees. He felt burning knives stabbing all over his body as bones cracked and shifted. He screamed as his jaw dislocated, elongating to the squarish muzzle of the wolf. Claws broke through the ends of fingers and toes that formed into heavy paws. Though it was only seconds, the pain felt like an eternity, drawing a howl from deep in his chest as he burst through the door and into the forest below.

Well.... are u hungry for more or do I have to play rough??