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Friday, December 17, 2010

Can someone out there tell me what Christmas is all about?!!

Well, Charlie Brown... I'll tell you--- its about vacation!  Today was the last day of school before Christmas holidays and I am just pleased as punch!  It has been so hard for me to find time to write since the school year has started-- which you may have noticed with the scant blog postings.  I just figured that my limited time would be better served by writing rather than blogging.  We all know how blogging can be a distraction from the matter at hand.  But over the next couple of weeks, it should be easier to do both.  And trust me... I need to write.  I'm sitting on 43K right now and not even close to being finished.  I've been writing the same sex scene for two weeks and its starting to get on my nerves.  Not to mention I have a short story that's been drilling into my brain for a couple of months now.  But I've promised myself that I won't start on it until this Beast thing is over with.  And once its over with, I think I'm going to delve into the world of short fiction for a while.  10K tops.  The problem is, I'm too verbose.  BUT-- I think I'll post some of that WIP down here.  But not before reminding you that Hellsong would make an EXCELLENT gift for all those people on your list getting Nooks and Kindles.  Here's where you can get it.  Everyone needs a little angel sex in their lives.  Especially at such a festive time of year!  Anyway... WIP....

“I won’t keep company with someone who would attack my mate.”
Mate.  The word hit Sascha like a pile of stones.  Her body went rigid in his arms and she pulled back instinctively.  “Your mate?” she croaked.
“Does it disturb you to know that is what you are?”
Her mouth worked wordlessly, unsure of what to say.   What could she say to that?  She could only shake her head in disbelief.  “Not exactly,” she said after a few moments.  “I’m just not sure what you mean.”
Cianan smiled, using his fingertips deftly to tie the final bandage.  “You’re my mate.  You’ve been marked since the day you were born.”
“But--” she stammered.  “You barely know me.”
“I know you much better than you think, little one.”  He was finished wrapping her ankle, but still held her calf in his hand, stroking the skin absently as he spoke.  “Remember those roses your father used to bring you?”
“Of course.”  She smiled at the memory. “Every week when he returned from the markets.  He never told me where they came from--”
“I gave you the first one myself.  You were nine days old.”
Sascha laughed.  “Forgive me, my Lord.  But that would be impossible.  You couldn’t have been more than ten years old yourself--”
“What did you say?”
“I was forty years old the Winter of your birth.”
“But that would make you at least sixty--”
“But--” Sascha stammered. “You don’t look a day over thirty.”
“I’m a werewolf, Sascha.  We---” He looked as if he searched for the right words to explain his condition upon the walls.  “We don’t age as others do.”
She stared at him a moment, her eyes wide with wonder.  “Will you live forever?”  Her voice was laced with awe.
“Perhaps,” he grinned.  “I haven’t lived forever yet.”
She went silent, taking in everything he’d said.  Could it be possible that he would be immortal?  To live forever without aging a day?  “Such a gift,” she said finally.  “To see the world change around you.  Knowing that the whole world is at your feet--”
“It is a curse,” he snapped.  He stood up quickly and she flinched, sure she had ignited his rage once again.  “Knowing each day that all that I love will eventually turn to ash and dust.  Watching their bodies wither and fade while I stay trapped in this unchanging skin.”  His jaw was set in a hard line and she could tell he was trying desperately to keep his temper.  “And though I know you’re my mate-- can feel it with every breath I take-- I already grieve for your fragility.  Our time is too short--”  He turned away from her, gazing out the window at the cliffs below.  “Too short.”
Sascha watched him move with a fascination she couldn’t explain.  He was so beautiful and strange.  His melancholy consumed him utterly, betraying his strength, but nonetheless alluring in his splendor.  When he turned his fiery eyes to hers again, she could see the longing he felt and knew that what he’d said was true.  She was his mate.  “You mustn’t dwell on that which cannot be changed, my Lord.  Your very existence is proof of magic in this world--”
Cianan laughed darkly.  “You are so very much like Bella.  Even under the deepest cloak of darkness, she could see the light.”  He smiled again.  “Her soul shines so brightly within you.  I’ve always felt it.”
“You can feel me?” Sascha asked, desperate to understand.
“Of course.  When I close my eyes and quiet my thoughts-- I can feel your heart beating.  Hear your breath.  Smell your scent.  It’s how I found you in the forest.”
She rose as he spoke, limping slightly to close the space between them.  “How?”
“I wish I knew,” he whispered.  “But never doubt it.”  He turned to face her when he felt her cool hand upon his shoulder.  “Our souls are entwined, Sascha.  And no matter how long you live, or how many lives you traverse--”  His words weakened her and she stumbled on her wounded ankle, but he caught her easily, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her body against his.  “I will always find you.”  Tangling his hand in the mussed curls at the back of her head, he tipped her mouth upwards to meet his in an insistent kiss.  At first she tried to pull away, not knowing how to react, but he held her fast, not letting her escape.  And when he teased her mouth open with his tongue and delved inside, she found that escape was the farthest thing from her mind.  She let him in eagerly, instinct taking over and letting their tongues play together in a sensual dance that left her panting his name.  “You are my mate,” he growled, licking his lips.
“Yes,” she sighed, dizzy with his closeness and intoxicated by his taste that still lingered on her tongue.  He loosened his hold on her a little and she stepped backward to clear her head.  She quickly discovered the extent of her injury as a shooting pain shot from her ankle all the way to her thigh when she put her weight down.  She gasped through clenched teeth and nearly went down on her knees.  He caught her just in time, gathering her into his arms and lifting her off her feet.  “Your mate,” she sighed, her head swimming as he turned.
He made almost a purring sound deep in his throat as he crossed the room in two strides.  He lay her down gently across his bed, their eyes locked on one another.  Sascha remembered the words she’d read in Bella’s journal and waves of trepidation and excitement began to rise in the pit of her belly.  After all this time of wondering about her purpose in this place, now that everything was clear-- she was uncertain all over again.  She visibly shivered as he looked down on her with those warm honeyed eyes.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From the depths...

... out she crawls into the sun.  I wish I could say that the last two weeks had been more productive-- but they really  haven't.  I've been making progress on the WIP slowly but surely.  It's coming along.  Of course I wish I could hurry and finish.  I have another muse bending my ear and I keep telling him to shut it because I really should finish one thing before I start another.  But I can't help thinking about it.  Its something short, from the dark corners of my mind.  And its still cooking.  Maybe by December I'll be able to devote some brain space to it.

BTW... It's a really good thing I'm not participating in NaNoWriMo this year.  A lot of my peers are and I really don't mean to be discouraging about it.  Anything that shakes loose the cobwebs is a good thing, I feel.  Of course, I'm from the camp that says "Nobody can write a great novel in a month."  But maybe that's just my own opinion of myself.  I've been working on the current WIP since June and still have 13K to go.  At least.  So I'm not exactly the poster child for pounding out projects at lightning speed.  Maybe if I didn't have to devote much of my brain to teaching full time, I could do myself justice.  And I refuse to feel guilty for coming home after working at least 9 hours at a mentally demanding job and indulging in my SL habit to only crank out maybe 500 words.  I do try to make up for it on Thursday nights and over the weekend.  And I've taken to writing during the kids' lunchtime.  Ever try to write smut while opening someone's ketchup?  Not easy.

Anyway, I'll stop whining now.  Except for one thing--- GO OUT AND BUY A COPY OF HELLSONG...LOL.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cee Lo Green 'What Part Of Forever'

This song is completely in my heart right now. Take a listen. You'll be happier.


I thought everyone knew that you couldn't keep a Southern Belle at 50 degrees.  Its kind of depressing to think that this is the beginning of the cold weather, that's its going to get much colder and that the winter months are stretching out before me like a road full of burning coals that I'm going to have to walk through barefoot.  *LE SIGH*  But, we will have stories to keep us warm, won't we, my lovelies??

In personal news... my awesome friend and beta reader, Mia, got some EXCELLENT news today.  After a long road of chemo and radiation, she's been declared IN REMISSION!!!  It really makes you feel good to know that there is a God and that He is out there and listening.  She's one of the more awesome people I know and I can't imagine a world where she's not in it.   So... SCORE ONE FOR THE GOOD GUYS!  And yes Mia, I will be sending a nice gift-wrapped Saraqael to your door for Christmas.  Just keep him warm-- angels get cranky in snow.

Its been a long time since I posted, I know.  I've actually been busy writing on the WIP and I really hope to be done with it by the end of this month so I can send it out to some lucky submission editor.  So if I'm slow to post, you know why.  That being said, I can't resist giving you a taste.... see the bottom of the post. Also-- yours truly is going to be a guest at Mysticon in Roanoke, VA on Feb. 25th- 27th, 2011.  I'd love to see anybody and everybody.  I have to have enough folks to ride in the party  J/K.

Without further ado---- a piece from the as of yet untitled WIP---


I see you’ve decided to join me after all,” Marek’s voice echoed from across the room, making Sascha jump.  She turned to see him standing in front of a long dining table.  His hands were clasped behind him, making him look even larger than before.  He looked somewhat calmer this time-- less wild.  His long, black mane still fell across his brow in unkempt waves, but it shone brightly in the firelight.  He wore simple black leggings tucked into riding boots that stopped at the knee and an ivory shirt laced just over his sternum.  He was, in a word, breathtaking in his masculine beauty.  Sascha approached him cautiously, concentrating on keeping her breath even and silently cursing the smooth bottoms of her slippers.  She just knew she was going to fall down on her way crossing the space between them.  
“As you wished, My Lord,” she replied, bowing clumsily.
“No,” he answered sharply.  “In a gown, you are to curtsey.  Try to remember that you aren’t a stableboy.”  One corner of his generous mouth turned slightly upward as if he wanted to smile.  He took her hand as she curtseyed, nearly losing her balance.  He chuckled, leading her to the seat across from his.
As they sat, she noticed that only one end of the table had been set.  It struck her as funny that they were only two people sitting at a table meant for at least twenty.  She tried to stifle her laughter, but a small sound escaped and she covered her mouth quickly.
“Something amuses you?” he asked.
“No, My Lord,” she stammered.
“Oh please, little one, speak freely,” he replied, pouring wine into his goblet.  
“Well,” Sascha began, unsure as to whether she should continue.  “The dining room.  It seems so absurd that two people should dine in such a grand room alone.”  She looked down at her lap, trying to look demure rather than embarrassed.  
Marek nodded and leaned back against his chair casually.  “Perhaps you’re right,” he said, taking a sip of wine.  “Tomorrow in my bedchamber, then.”  He stared into her eyes pointedly, his innuendo clear.
Sascha cleared her throat, knowing that her face was bright red.  She shifted in her seat a little, a sudden warmth settling between her legs.
Marek smiled victoriously, inhaling the scent of her arousal almost immediately.  “You’ll have to forgive me, girl.  I’m not really used to company.”
Before she could reply, Anya entered with a large tray, setting it on the table between them.  “Shall I serve, My Lord?”
“No, thank you, Anya,” he replied, his eyes never leaving Sascha’s.  “I’m sure that we can manage.”  Anya gave a slight bow and sent a reassuring smile in Sascha’s direction before disappearing into the kitchen again.  Leaning forward, he pulled the cover off of the tray, revealing roasted venison that smelled so inviting that Sascha’s stomach growled.  Her mouth ached as it watered hungrily.  Marek motioned for her to help herself.
“I couldn’t serve myself before you, My Lord,” she mumbled.
“Of course you could,” he replied.  “I actually ate earlier.”  He smiled, remembering the way in which he’d acquired tonight’s meal.  “Please.  You look as if you need it more than I.”  He watched with interest as she served herself, pulling at the meat with her fingers.  She tore into it as if she hadn’t eaten in years and was sure someone would take it away.  He watched for several more minutes, allowing her to finish before speaking again.  “Poor child.   You really have been neglected, haven’t you?”
She swallowed self-consciously before taking a generous gulp of wine from her goblet.  “What do you mean, My Lord?”
“You eat with both hands like a savage,” he stated matter-of-factly.  “Not at all the way a lady should.”  
Sascha blushed again.  This time not with embarrassment or fear, but with hurt anger at his criticism.  “You asked that I eat.”
“Not as if you were killing it with your bare hands.”  He took another drink from his goblet and rose slowly, walking around the table and standing behind her.  He leaned down, his mouth against her ear.  “If you are to live in my house,” he whispered, “you will behave in all situations as a lady.”  Sascha felt her heart pounding beneath her chest, feeling as if it would push everything she’d eaten back into her throat.  Marek reached forward and took the fork at the side of her plate between his fingertips.  “These utensils were created so that we don’t have to behave like animals.”  He offered the instrument to her and she took it, her hands shaking.
Marek straightened to his full height and turned, walking away from the table towards the corridor.  Before leaving, he turned back to her.  “If you insist on acting as a beast, I can assure you that I will treat you as such,” he said calmly before disappearing down the hallway.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday blaaaahs...

Most people have contempt for Mondays.  Its a reminder of the end of the weekend.  Generally a day to do things that you put off on Friday. But Mondays don't really bother me. It's Tuesdays that really chap my ass.  I'm just bored and moving slowly.  I'm up to 32K on the newest project, which is great--- but I just wish I could get my ideas down faster.  And today I seem to be in slower motion than usual.  It all started this morning when I was so sleepy I just couldn't stand it.  I wanted to fall asleep standing up. Which is so stupid-- I got more sleep last night than usual.  Anyway-- thanks for listening to my blahs.  As a reward.. here's some of the WIP----->


Sascha had been a slave at The Golden Goblet Tavern for nearly nine years.  Ever since her father had sold her to Mr. Longwillow just after her mother’s death.  And most of the time, she didn’t mind it too much, but putting up with Penny and Mr. Longwillow’s daughter Sera often became tiresome.  They were always ordering her around; finding the most horrid things for her to do:  scrubbing floors, swabbing out the outhouse, slopping the hogs-- all those things that no one else wanted to do.  And Mr. Longwillow, while he was a nice old man, never seemed to catch them in the act of being unkind.  Of course, he always believed their lies about her as well.  Too many times she’d found herself locked in the broom closet for her imagined infractions.  But such is the life of a slave in the village of Kaspar.  
Sascha moved in and out between the tables, wiping them clean of spilled ale and the occasional blood splatter.  It was pointless work, really.  Almost as soon as she was done, someone would come in and mess it all up again.  As if on cue, Sera shoved past Sascha, making her stumble over a chair.  “Careful, wench,” she said, a mocking smile on her lips.  “You’re in my way.”
Sascha glowered.  “How about looking where you’re going,” she replied in a low mumble.  
“What was that, slave?”  Sera whipped around, a threatening glow in her eyes.  
Sascha straightened up to her full height, staring at the other girl.  “I said, look where you’re going.”  She dropped the rag on the table beside them and balled her fists by her sides.  She wasn’t in the mood to deal with Sera’s wickedness today.
“You should watch your mouth, slave,” Sera snarled, though backing off slightly.  She knew all too well that Sascha could fight like a boy.  Many times in their childhoods had Sascha bloddied Sera’s nose.  And although she’d always been punished, Sera’s nose was still crooked.  
“Yeah,” Penny chimed in.  “Slaves with smart mouths get sent to Lord Marek.”  
Sascha opened her mouth to respond but at the mention of his name, the words died on her lips.  Lord Marek was the most feared man in all of Kaspar.  And with good reason.  He was the ruling entity in this village and that meant that his word was law.  He was rarely seen in town and when he was, he struck an imposing figure.  Standing at over six feet and towering above all the other men in town, his frame was bulky and solid from years of battles.  He had a mane of thick black hair that twisted and curved in unkempt waves all the way to his shoulder.  Beneath that tangle of hair, his golden eyes peered out, seeming to bore right into your soul.  On the rare occasions that he smiled, his lips parted to reveal too many pearl white teeth, highlighted by sharp canines.  But size and teeth aside, Marek was not a man to be trifled with and did not suffer fools.  Men who had foolishly ignited his rage rarely lived to tell the tale.  

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Saturday Morning!

Once again its a bright Saturday morning-- enjoy it, folks.  Have some coffee on me.  If only I had coffee.  I'm staring longingly at the coffeepot and wishing that I had some filters.  Actually, I'm staring at the coffeepot and wishing I had a Starbucks in the backyard.  Anyway, its been a week since the release of Hellsong and I keep waiting to feel as if I'm really accomplished.  I really kind of don't.  I keep feeling like there's more that I should be doing.  More attempting to get the word out.  More walking up to random people on the street and saying "Hey-- wanna read an eBook?"  But it must be doing some good.  I've been told that I am, in fact, selling some copies.

That being said, its back to the grindstone with me.  I was hit with a blast of inspiration on Thursday and began writing Beauty and the Beast again.  Which is good, because I'm on the downhill side of that one.  30K and counting.  You all know how I love to count words.  As of right now the working title choices are:  Bound by Beauty (very S&M I feel) or Beauty Fades.  It's kind of frustrating for me not to have a title.  I've always been one of those people who needs to have a title to keep going.  Hellsong got its name fairly early on.  The voodoo project even has a title :  Love You to Death (after the Type O Negative song that inspired it).  I often find titles in songs, but for some reason, nothing seems to be fitting for the Beauty and the Beast project.  If you have any suggestions, I'll be glad to entertain them.  Remember-- I'm   Anyway, have a great day, peeps.  Enjoy the crispy air of autumn!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


OK.. I'm almost afraid to say it... but I think I've gotten through the writers' block on Beauty and the Beast. Which is bad news for the voodoo novel, but I'm glad I can go back to things after being away for a while. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

So.... anyone read that awesome Hellsong book yet?  :-)  I hear its a scream.  I joke, but I am so nervous that no one will be interested in reading it.  Others assure me that the very idea is ridiculous, but I just have this gnawing feeling that my baby is going to be ignored or passed over or not do anything at all.  *Shrug* I'm told that this is a normal feeling for authors and that it never really passes, but it does get some better.

On promotional news-- the big SL party is on Monday night and I am so not ready.  I have three more readings at least to record and send to the long-suffering DJ Wham.  But of course, I have friends in this week and Tally's storytelling festival (see further down the page), so I may be up at four in the morning recording in audacity.  When I get all the wavs done, I'll put them up here so anyone who wants can listen.

As for the storytelling festival--- Tally, the husband, has put together this fantastic Ghost Walk and Talk Festival at the Chester County Library this weekend.  It starts tomorrow and runs through Saturday afternoon.  There will be storytellers, ghost hunters, a ghost hunt, an amateur storyteller contest and more.  If you're in the Upstate South Carolina area, you should come out.  Send me a message on Facebook and I can tell you more if you're interested.  I'll also be there, so you can come yell at me about all the things I did wrong in Hellsong if you like.

And this concludes tonight's ramblings...

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hey folks!  That's right-- the book releases today.  Go on over to Sugar and Spice Press and get your copy.  You can download it right to your computer in PDF or a number of eReader devices.  Or if you're more advanced, you can put it right there on you cell phone so you can read smut at work while no one is looking.  C'mon.... you know you want to.  All the cool kids are buying it....

By the way... I know there's no acknowledgements in the book, but I just wanted to thank a few people here in public so they know I love them.......  Tally, you are, as always, a constant source of inspiration for both the good guys and the bad.  Hey... the bad guys do the best smut.  Jayel and Sarah-- my sisters and best friends-- you've always been there for me and let me be the baby sister and I really appreciate it.  Susan-- my BEASTIE.  Your constant support and venting sessions and venti coffees have made my whole life better.  Thanks sweets!  Amy-- my redheaded vixen-- you're always there pushing me and telling me how awesome I am and I really need that.  Thanks for your help every step of the way, Grammatica.  Dahlia-- You have inspired me more than you can ever know.  Without you, I'd probably still be writing fan fiction.  Brie-- the world's most awesome editor.  Thanks for putting up with me and guiding me in the right direction, even when I fought you.  Last but not least, Mia, Lana and Wham, my SL faves-- you guys have been there in the middle of the night when I was crying over edits or worrying that no one would ever read this book and you put up with it every time.  Thanks for being my virtual shoulders.

OK.. now.. that's out of the way... I'm sure I forgot some people and if I did... I'm really sorry.  There's been so many that have made a mark on my life... it would be hard to remember them all in print.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...

That's right, faithful readers--- tomorrow is the release date for Hellsong.  I'm just giddy with worry, excitement and anticipation.  I just want to know what other people think of it.  But then again, I'm scared of that too.  But seriously, I hope that everyone who buys a copy will enjoy it.  If I can bring a moment's pleasure to one person's life, I feel I've done my job.  That being said... here's today's excerpt------------>


As anyone who lives there will tell you, New Orleans’s history can be divided into two 
parts—before the storm and after.  Since the storm, the entire atmosphere had changed.  It had 
been so alive, once upon a time.  A mystical land of Mardi Gras and magic beads.  Creole flavor 
and the underlying sense of mystery were all a thing of the past.  Before the storm, the hurricane 
was just a drink.  Its fruity sweetness spoiled with the taste of despair and ruin.  Once the spirit of 
a place had been lost, it was very difficult to retrieve it.  What used to be a passing friendliness 
with the dead had become near obsession.  Cemeteries were crowded, overflowing with mourn- 
ers of loved ones gone too soon.  Churches were more active than ever.  If Saraqael had chosen 
someplace else, perhaps his human bones wouldn’t be so exhausted.  But New Orleans had a de- 
cided advantage for him.   The veil was very thin here.  If one looked closely, he could almost 
see the wandering spirits, passing from all points in the ethereal plane.  

Saraqael was the last of his kind.  The Grigori were outcasts from Heaven and he was the 
only one to survive his position.  All of the others had become too in love with the idea of the hu- 
man condition.  Perhaps the only reason he had lasted this long was that he saw the human con- 
dition far too clearly.  It was true that they had a great capacity for love and compassion.  In fact, 
there were those who said the human race rivaled the angels in their ability to empathize.  But 
where there is love, so is there hate.  And that senseless loathing of one another that manifested 
itself in murder, rape, violence. That was why he had never succumbed to their charms.  Like the 
others before him, he had often longed for the companionship of another, but as the years passed, 
he knew that no human would ever be a suitable companion for the likes of him.  He would make 
himself content to watch over them, protect them like children, but never touch them.  

The blood of the demon he’d slain still stained his fingernails and he put his hands behind 
his back as he walked down the darkened street.  He didn’t want to be reminded of his earlier 
deed.  He kept his head down as he walked, trying not to make eye contact with anyone he met. 
He didn’t want to know what they were thinking.  


PS-- Don't forget-- release party at Flanagan's Pub in Second Life on Monday, Oct. 18th, 9-11 EST.  Shoot me a message in FB if you want to attend but have no idea how to get an avatar.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I See You Shiver with Antici----

PATION!  Hehe... Hey there folks.  Its Wednesday, Oct. 6th-- 3 days before the release of my first novel Hellsong (yeah, like you didn't know).  And boy, am I excited.  Publishing a novel is something I've always wanted to do and it really is like a childhood dream fulfilled.  Thanks to everyone who has made it possible.  And I won't bother naming names... I'm sure you know who you are.  But I'm so grateful to have such supportive family, friends and colleagues.

That being said-- if any of you faithful readers out there has a Second Life avatar, I will be reading portions of my book at Flanagan's Pub on Monday, October 18th from 9-11 EST (that's 6- 8 SLT).  In addition to readings, we'll be chatting, flirting and listening to my playlist while we dance our virtual asses off.  There's also going to be a costume contest with 1,000 Ls (that's lindens if you aren't a nerd) for the Best in Angel and Demon.  If you don't have an av, then go get one silly-- that's why I put the link up there.  If you do decide to seek us out-- I'm Scarlett Thirdborn-- just shoot me an IM when you get in world.

And without further ado--- here's today's teaser----------------------->


Voices.  They were everywhere at once.  Deafening pleas and prayers from every corner 
of the universe.  It was as if he had an antenna on the top of his head that tuned him in to every radio station with perfect clarity every second of every day.  Sometimes he covered his ears, trying to block it out, but it never stopped.  They echoed in his sleep, softly at first and then screaming until he had no choice but to answer.  He'd always thought that one day he would get used to it, but in all his long years, it had never waned.  Through drink or drugs, he could quiet his mind enough to rest, but they were never silent.  He supposed that it was a fitting punishment for those of his persuasion.  
Saraqael lay in his bed, his head aching with the constant noise.  Most nights it was easier 
to block them out, but tonight was different.  Since the war had begun, the suffering on this 
world was great and he could hear all of it.  The gift of empathy was a curse and there were days he wished he could give it back.  “Shut up...” he sighed, crossing his arms over his face.  He knew that he wouldn't get any peace tonight so he may as well get up and get it over with.  

Monday, October 4, 2010

5 Days More...

Hello out there, my lovelies.  I  had a fantastic time at the beach for a little mini-vacation.  I even managed to get a little work done on the newest project.  All I can say is that there are voodoo spirits involved.  I seem to lack direction lately-- but I think I may be able to settle on this for a while.  My beastie says that I'm having this problem because I'm worried about the book release.  Which is probably true.  That being said... I owe you all some more teasing....


On the other side of the door, Saraqael hadn’t moved an inch.  He listened as she began filling up the bathtub and smiled, glad that she trusted him enough for the time being to stay the night.  The door was old and it wasn’t unusual for the damn thing to slip off the fastener and fall open.  As if by Divine intervention, it creaked open , allowing Saraqael to see inside.  He started, thinking that she was sure to notice that the door had opened.  His hand closed over the knob and he started to close it again , but as the steam began curling out through the crack, he could see the silhouette of her shoulder.  Her skin was pale and unblemished there, so much in fact, that, for a split second, Saraqael was sure that she was an angel, too.  He followed the line upward along the back of her neck to the tiny curled locks at the base of her head.  She reached back and grasped the end of her braid.  She pulled it  until her reddish hair tumbled down over her shoulders.  She shook it out, and stretched.  
He watched intently as her hands slid down her body and over her hips.  His eyes followed the gentle slope of her pelvis and down her leg.   His brain kept telling him to close the door, but he found that his body was disobeying.   It was a feeling that he couldn’t quite place.  Something primal that he’d never felt. A hunger that he knew would never be sated.  Something human.  His eyes drank her in greedily and he was desperate for more when she stepped to one side and the steam enveloped her again.  His fist clenched and released at his side as if he were fighting to keep from throwing the door open to go inside and touch her.  
         “Pipe down, Angel-boy,” he growled to himself, bringing his fist against his thigh as hard as he could.  The sharp bite of pain was enough to break the spell and he closed the door again as quietly as he could.  He leaned against it , trying to clear the haze of very human lust from his head.  “That’s not for you,” he chanted to himself, closing his eyes and remembering his promise.

Friday, October 1, 2010

One week, one day...

Yes, children.  One week and one day til the release of Hellsong!  I'm so excited I'm just about to burst.  I've been so high strung lately that my family insisted that I go on a weekend excursion to the beach.  They had to twist my arm, but eventually I gave in.  So I won't be posting again until Sunday.  BUT... knowing how faithful and demanding some of you are (and you know who you are)... I will give you a slow juicy tease.  C'mon... you know you want it...

“Dantalion.”  A voice from behind broke his reverie.  He turned to see a thin man in a three-piece suit staring at him.  He wasn't as tall as Dantalion, but most were not.  His hair was cut closely and, to a human, he must have looked like an accountant or dentist.  Only the crimson streaks that flashed in the irises of his eyes would give him away.  He flashed Dantalion a glimpse of his fiery wings as he approached.  
“Haures.  It’s been long since last we met.”
“That it has,” he replied, falling into step with Tal.  “What brings you here to the gates of Hell?”
“I'm just passing through.  It's not really safe for us to open a portal on the street, given the current climate.”
Haures smiled wickedly.  “Wars rage in the Outer Worlds.  It's bound to overlap. Though I've heard that you've been quite busy here in the land of the living.”
“Oh, really?”
“Of course.  This place is always awash with gossip.  Word has it that Lucifer is quite pleased with your talents.  Sees you as some sort of secret weapon.  Even despite your previous failures…”
Tal smirked, shaking his head.  “Perhaps you know more than I do, old friend.  You know Lucifer, he never tells one more than they need to know in the moment.”  The truth was, his purpose mattered little anymore.  He had been given a task and he would fulfill it.  Rumor had it that this girl was the final piece of the puzzle for Lucifer's little war.  Tal rolled his eyes, thinking of it.  It would rage forever and no one would ever be satisfied.   What were they fighting for anyway?  This cesspool of disease and hate?  No, thank you.  His only stake in that fight was revenge.  He would like nothing more than to see the crystalline spires of Heaven come crashing into the ocean, devoured by the flames of Hell. To be able to stand over a dying Heavenly Father and say, “I told you so.”
The two demons strolled through the doors at the end of the corridor and into the darkness of the nightclub. Tal winced again, the loud music hurting him.  Sometimes he hated this weakened human form.  Everything on Earth was too loud, too bright—too much—and his heightened senses couldn't take it.  Haures laughed at his friend.  “You really must learn to control your discomfort,” he shouted.  “If the Powers ever figure out our weaknesses down here…”
“I know.  They'll be after us with flashlights and speakers.”
“Among other things.”  Haures clapped him on the shoulder and led him through the dance floor.  The crowd seemed to boil, moving as one mass in their dance.  As they moved through them, the human women seemed to smell their scent and their thoughts were so loud that Tal laughed at their absurdity.  “What's so funny?”
“These women.  It's like they can smell us.”
“Ah yes... so many souls, so little time,” Haures purred, letting his fingertips drift across the shoulder of a petite blonde.  “You should stay a while and indulge yourself.”  Roughly, he grabbed the girl and pressed her body to his.  Instantly, she had a look of ecstasy and crumpled against the demon.  Haures  tasted her skin.  “This one is so ripe to give her soul, it’s almost too easy.”  He purred again and kissed at her throat.  “Can't you hear her thoughts?”
“Of course, but no, thank you.  It seems I have my own soul to steal.”  Tal turned, pushing the crowd out of his path as he made his way to the back.  Just as he reached the doors, he felt a hand on his shoulder.  He turned to see Haures pushing him into the small room and closing the door behind them.  
“Be very careful, my friend.  He knows you're here.”
“What are you talking about?”
“The Grigori.  He didn't get to be the last one here because he was stupid.  Lucifer has been trying to get at Saraqael for hundreds of thousands of years.  He chose you because you're the best, but if you screw up this time, you'll be down in the pits shoveling the lower devils' excrement with the rest of the damned.”

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

11 Days and Counting...

Until the release of Hellsong.  And since I have nothing better to discuss tonight... how's about another excerpt, hmmm??  Yeah... I thought you'd be game....


The first thing I noticed was the smell.  Something like dead flowers and decayed earth just under the coppery smell of the blood, which was everywhere.  It dripped from the walls and ran in pools across the floor until I could see the canvas of my old sneakers soaking it up.  I gasped, unable to find my voice, but when the glass of gin in my hand dropped to the floor, it made a loud noise.  The woman’s head whipped around from where she crouched on the bed.  Her eyes glowed this impossible yellow color as she glared at me, but she did not speak.  Her skin looked leathery and taut under the thick veil of Jackson’s blood.  I started to move toward her, wanting to throw her off of my friend even though I was more scared than a man staring at Death himself.  


I know... not quite enough I suppose.  But as they always said on Reading Rainbow--- don't take my word for it, you have to read the book!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hellsong Excerpt

Hello faithful readers!  Its a little less than two weeks before the release of Hellsong and I am so excited!!  I feel like there should be more stuff that I'm doing, but I realize that there isn't a whole lot more that I can.  You'll either love it or hate it... but lemme tell you--- YOU WILL LOVE IT!!  And I'm not only saying that because I wrote it.  Trust me... I've never been a fan of romance novels.  But this one really is unique-- there's romance, yes.. but there's also lots of action and plot and great characters.  True love-- miracles!  ** full points to you Princess Bride fans out there** It will be released on Oct. 9th on the Sugar and Spice website (follow the lit up link) and, I believe, at Amazon.  We'll also be having a launch party where there'll be music, virtual dancing, a costume contest and readings on October 18th at Flanagan's Pub in Second Life.  I'll be posting the links to that as well.  Slip on your sexiest avatar and come join us.

All that being said, I thought that I'd count down the days until the release by putting little excerpts here on the blog that will hopefully make you hungry for more.  Seriously though, I really hope that everyone will enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.  I also hope that you all will be inclined to come back to the blog and post your thoughts about the book-- for good or ill.  I'd love to hear them.  You can also come and ask me incessant questions on my Facebook page or just come to Second Life and find Scarlett Thirdborn.  That's me.

Anyway, without further ado--- a bit of Hellsong...


Let it be known from this day forward that I, Jerome Alfonse Tibideaux, am a murderer.  I would like to be clear outright with no misconceptions that I am anything but.  I am writing this journal in confession, not to cleanse my own mind, but in case it must be explained some time in the distant future.  I have made my peace that I am imperfect.  I can only hope that a sin of mercy can be overlooked by the Heavenly Father on the day of judgement.   
Though my heritage may imply otherwise, I have never been a spiritual man.  I have seen many things in my near thirty years on this Earth, but I have never seen anything to suggest that there are ghosts, goblins, witches or loas.  I do not embrace the superstitions of my African grandmere.  You will not find brick dust at my door or a mojo hand under my shirt.  I’ve always had a little of what my grandmere called “the gift,” which I suppose was her way of saying I could see visions of the future. Until tonight, I thought that demons were just a thing used to scare folks into churchin’ up and going to confession.  That was until I watched my friend Jackson torn to bits by one.  And she was as real as the rosary beads I have clutched in my hand.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting Back on the Horse

Well, faithful few, I'm trying to get back on the writing horse.  For the last few weeks I've been totally devoted to finishing up Hellsong, but now its time to start moving on.  I've decided just to hold off on the longer piece for a few days, just to give it time to rest.  Once again, I've done what I always do-- take a nice simple story and give it a plot with a massive head and tentacles.  It started as Beauty and the Beast and its slowly becoming, Beauty and the Beast and Werewolves Descending Down the Spiraling Staircase to the Deepest Pits of Hell..... with sex. I'm considering rewriting the last several pages and simplifying it more.  But I'm undecided, so I've decided to work on a couple of shorter pieces.  Next month I'm going to go researching/ investigating a little for the next big novel, so we'll see what happens.  I think maybe I've just been so muddled that I'm feeling overwhelmed.  I know I'm not the only writer that feels that way, but I just feel like I'm doing something wrong.  Like I should be more focused.

But I'll keep you posted on the progress of such things.

Have some music to make you happy----Stranger in a Strange Land-- 30 Seconds to Mars

Monday, September 20, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

Hey folks!  Well the edits are done on Hellsong and its off to the proofer today (thanks Brie!  You're the best!).  So come October 9th, you'll get to see the fruits of my labor.  I'm really excited about it coming out, but of course I'm very apprehensive about the sales.  Its really hard when you realize that something you've put so much of yourself into might not be everyone's cup of tea.  You find yourself wanting to shake that person and say "what's wrong with you, ya ignorant hippie!"  but you don't.  At least, I don't.

So now comes the fun of promoting the book.  And what on Earth does that mean?  No one seems to know, really.  So I'm just kind of making shit up as I go along.  As I do with most aspects of my life.  Coming soon I'll be hosting an in-world party on Second Life to promote the book.  It promises to be a night of debauchery, Goth music and sneak peeks of the book.  Those of you that have those second lives will know what a barrel of laughs parties can be.  That date will be announced on here and facebook as soon as its final.  So on the digital front, I've got it covered.  Now for the RL stuff.  I mean, its not like you can go into a bookstore and say "Hey!  Here's my book! Throw it on your shelves and let me do a signing!"  Because until sometime in the future, there is no real book.  Its an eBook.  And don't you dare roll your eyes at me!  eBooks are REAL books, they just take up less space.  Ask the Nook and Kindle people if they're real books, they'll tell ya.

But I digress--- what on Earth do you say to people about an eBook?

I'm also, because of the SL reading/dance party, finding out all the joys of using Audacity.  I've tried recording a segment of the book twice now and both times you can hear the dulcet tones of my mini-doxie shrieking and barking in the background.  Not to mention my horrible southern accent and nasal sounding voice.  So come to the reading if for no other reason than to laugh at my voice.

Guess I should get some writing done.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

D-O-N-E!!!... and a video!

Finally done with the Hellsong edits.  At least, i hope I'm done.  Unless my lovely and knowledgeable editor finds some sort of epic FAIL within the pages of the 2nd draft.  Which is possible.  I really hope that all is well and that I can move on to new and different projects.  I love my angel story, but I'm needing to get my head into something else.  Whatcha think?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Uberbyte - Money Shot (Audio Only)

Wow... like the dirtiest song I've ever heard. i LOVE it!!!


OMG... i am totally in Hell. And sadly there's no handsome angel around to save me from this particular circle.  Those of you reading this that are writers can appreciate the doom known only as "editing hell."  I have been deep in it for the last two weeks and at this point I can truthfully say--- who cares anymore??!!!  I have spent every day at lunch across from my 7 year olds trying to reword and avoid head-hopping.  I'm probably the only writer on Earth that can edit a hot scene while opening someone else's ketchup.  And I've kind of decided not to tell the whole world-- well-- the work world anyway-- about my creative endeavors. I'm not sure why.  I just feel like that guidance counselor from 10 Things I Hate About You.

Anyway, as for other news-- the book is out on October 9th.  And I'm thinking about promotional stuff.  I'm pretty sure that I'm going to do an online thingie on Second Life and I'll keep you posted when the date on that is finalized.  I was also approached by the manager at the local Starbucks about doing a signing thing there.  But I'm completely lost with all that.  I have no idea really what to do. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

OK... the devil is calling.  Back to shovel with the other denizens....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The odder the better.... I know I haven't been on a whole lot lately.  I'm just really trying to get into the school groove.  Once i've done that, it'll be easier to blog and write and all that stuff.  But I do have some good music for you!  Its a cover of "Bad Romance" done by 30 Seconds to Mars.  This would definitely be the version from Hellsong.  Enjoy!

 30 Seconds to Mars - Bad Romance .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Let he who is without sin...

Hello, fair readers!  I know... I've been a very bad girl the last two weeks.  I haven't blogged or given much hope that I was ever going to write again.  Its all because of that pesky thing known as real life.  You may have heard about "real life."  It is a scary and fickle beast that is always lurking in that dark corner, ready to pounce and thwart any plans you may have had for imagination and creativity.

As some of you probably know, my full time job right now (besides writing) is as a second grade teacher.  And all of you bitches that say "Oh I can't wait until my kids go back to school.  They're driving me crazy!" can politely kiss my ass.  :-)  I love you all, but give a girl a break.  I have so much to do to get ready for the little crumbsnatchers that I haven't had much time to think, much less write anything.  I did manage to kick out a few more pages at the end of last week.  And they were quite smutty.  So--- stay tuned for more.  God, I feel like the guidance counselor in that movie "10 Things I Hate About You."  You know the one from the beginning looking for another word for that beloved part of the male anatomy.  She's banging away at her laptop writing filth during breaks.  If only I had that luxury.  Everytime I sit down at a desk when school's in session, I have 20 people that want to know what I'm doing.

Anyway, I'll try to be more studious about posting, but cut me some slack, willya!?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Awesome Writer of Erotica

Hi peeps.  I know.. its been a while, but I thought I'd share this new revelation.  I've been reading a lot of erotica lately to kind of jumpstart myself on all this smut I've been writing lately.  And I've discovered that I'm completely in love with the work of Thomas Roche.  If you like erotica and/or horror-- I really suggest you check him out.  His website has a blog and links to some of his reads.  He crafts story so effortlessly, it just gives me goosebumps.  Anyway... give him a look.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

OK.. finally something interesting...

Finally something interesting--- my book cover!  Yes, ladies and gents.. I really am an actual writer.  Hard as that may be to believe, given some of the posts on this site, but its true.  There is definitely a writer in here.   October 9th is the release date so get ready for the dance.  I will be posting it here and on YouTube.  I'm also putting the link to Sugar and Spice here so you can go check out my book and all of the other fabulous sexy adventures contained therein.  Hehe.. I used the word "therein."

Oh... and the summary...

Can mercy be a sin?
                Lonely bookstore manager Theo Chandler lost herself in Hurricane Katrina.  Found wandering alone in a swamp with no memory of her life before the storm, she has spent the last few years building a half-life where no one touches her so no one can guess her secret.  Only Father Jerome, a voodoo priest who witnessed her birth, and the minions of Lucifer know her true identity and the monster she could become.
                As the last of the Grigori, Heaven’s guardians of humankind on Earth, the angel Saraquel should destroy beautiful Theo before the forces of Hell use her to destroy him, humanity, or even Heaven itself.  But like Jerome, he sees the humanity in her that far outshines the hidden demon.  He forms a connection to her that he has never known with anyone else through all his immortal life.  Choosing to protect her, he joins Theo and Jerome in a fight to bring down hell’s design and save her human soul.

How's that for romance novel blurby goodness??  Try doing a dramatic reading.  You'll giggle, I promise!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Layout! And a werewolf sex discussion...

OK, so after much screaming and gnashing of teeth, I have a new blog layout.  Its hopefully more readable than the other one and so all the harassing phone calls from my "classic" friends will stop.  I've gone back to the Beastie story for a while.  I think I've fixed my problem and will hopefully have it ready for submission in a month.  Not as quick as I'd like-- the old girl has to go back to work in a few weeks-- but I'm trying to be realistic and put less pressure on myself.

So while I was at lunch with my peeps today, we got to talking about the incredible blech factor involved in the ending of the Twilight series.  Now, if you haven't read Breaking Dawn yet, stop reading here.  There will be spoilers.  Anyway, so we all know that you've got a combination of bestiality and pedophilia going on in that book.  And discussing that fact brought us into a discussion about whether you should have werewolves and people sex scenes going on.  Personally, that weirds me out a little.  In my book, as it stands right now, there are no scenes of a person and a wolf getting it on-- even though my werewolf has a human consciousness-- it just creeps me out.  But does that take away from the nature of the werewolf, therefore figuratively cutting his balls off??  I mean, I complain that the Twilight vampires have no teeth and therefore, no balls.  So should it not be what's good for the goose is good for the gander?  I'm not sure.  But I will say this-- most erotica publishers that I've spoken to say that they don't like that.  Its too close to bestiality for them.  So what do you think?  Would a love scene between a werewolf, in all his wolfy glory, and a human turn you off?  Hmmm.. food for thought...

Friday, July 23, 2010


OK, folks.  After having a conversation with my most excellent publisher last night, I've decided to do a little experiment.  I've never been able to write short fiction very much, so I've decided to try it.  15K tops with as little plot as possible.  Think I can do it?? Hmmm.. I'm not sure.  Now, don't worry.  I haven't abandoned the Beast.  He's still there lurking, but I had to strike while this iron is hot.  Anyway... I've put the first section below if you'd like to read and give me your opinion.

Title:  Wreath of Barbs
Author:  Alexandra Christian
Scarlett clutched the piece of paper tightly in her hand as she walked down the rain-soaked streets.  She wasn’t sure why she was doing this.  Nothing else had helped so what made her think that going to some club was going to work?  The wind blew, sprinkling her face with cold rain and uncertainty as she tried to make out the address from the smeared ink.  This had to be it, but there seemed to be no place to go.  She turned down the alley, her heart beating faster.  This was how people got themselves murdered, she thought.  Maybe that’s what Dr. Reznik had meant for her to do.  After all, she’d said she wanted to die.
The sound of her heavy chunked heel beat like an arrhythmia as she continued down the alley.  A homeless woman looked up at her as she passed, offering up a hat for spare change.  Scarlett kept her eyes forward, praying that nothing would notice her.  Finally the beat of her steps turned into the heavy downbeat of music coming from someplace close by.  A single, small light glimmered in the distance and she realized that she must be going the right direction.  As she got closer, she could make out a couple of people standing outside a small door.  She ducked into the shadows, not sure if she wanted to be seen just yet.  The people going inside, dressed all in shades of black and red, never looked up, seemingly too interested in the haze and smoke coming from inside.  “This is it,” she thought.  “I either have to turn back now or get past the point of no return.”  
No return.  Those were his exact words when she’d told Dr. Reznik her plan weeks ago.